Emeric Ardor


A dark-haired Midlander with two-tone grey eyes and a shock of white hair on his forehead. He has twin scars on either side of his face.

At a glance, Emeric has kind eyes and a warm, trusting smile.

Outward Demeanor & Reputation

Openly Shared Information:
Emeric talks about his work in the Alchemy, Botany, and Carpentry Guilds. He calls himself an alchemist or a guildsman when asked about his trade.

Emeric is a frequent occupant of Pearl Lane, preferring to listen to quiet conversations rather than the shouting and close whispers of the Quicksands. He prefers seeing many of the same acquaintances frequenting the Lane, rather than the constantly shifting faces in the Sands.

Personality and Relationships:
Emeric is easy to approach and polite. He often smiles and bows to a new acquaintance... even when he is intimidated or unsure of their intentions. He takes great care to dress in a clean, respectable manner as he is ever on the lookout for a patron who might take him under their wing.

He is earnest and eager, tending to keep his problems away from the casual eye. His mask is his friendliness, cheer, and good manners. He is especially cautious not to offend an acquaintance, seeming to fear displeasing potentially powerful strangers or burning bridges with persons who might be helpful to him.

He'd never turn away a person asking for help or go out of his way to cause someone harm, but expresses reluctance to ally himself with the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, a group that has taken an interest in him for his frequent usefulness.

His closest loyalty is to Momodi, the proprietor of the Adventurer's Guild in U'ldah, who took him in after being released from the infirmary in U'ldah. He has a strong fondness for the healers who treated him for several months, helping him to recover and come to terms with a head injury that cost him much of who he was. Emeric has been living at the Quicksands Inn while Momodi let's him get back on his feet. (Though of late, anyone asking Momodi would be told she hasn't been able to have a word with him and he rarely even sneaks into his room in the Inn.)

Emeric has a few secrets that may make the above information about his personality misleading. Please note that Emeric is a dynamic character that can absolutely be a dark, antagonistic character. Unlike what is reflected above.

Less Obvious Details

Most wouldn't notice anything unusual about Emeric beyond their appearance. He would seem like a typical, especially naïve adventurer.
Emeric seems to lack much of the common sense most adventurers would have picked up on to survive, perhaps due to their head injury and loss of their experiences.

He often says things that inadvertently cause trouble for him or make him look like an idiot. He is curious and rather reckless. He has lapses of memory about his own actions or interactions with others.

[Roleplay will assume a character does NOT know the following information about him out of hand.]

Persons able to sense aether or observe it would notice that he has a unique aether.

Those with connections to the Thaumaturges Guild would know he was asked to leave as a student. He was rumored to be asking about forbidden books and voidsent, rousing suspicion from those around him.

I prefer long-term roleplay with this character. Please be specific out-of-character in a tell if there's a specific place you want things to go in a certain amount of time, otherwise, I will write for and follow your expectations based on our in-character interactions. I'm an adult and if you're not an adult I'm not okay with interacting. I also don't mature or ERP with lalafel characters, underage characters, or characters with foster relationships.

I am a prolific roleplayer and I'm on my computer for much of my day. Chances are if you've taken time to have an interest in Emeric, I will be willing to walk up roleplay or set up a scene with you. I do better when I have a hook or common thread between our characters I can work with. Every interaction I have in-character with Emeric is canon for him and can be part of his long-term roleplay, so I am welcoming for new characters to interact with him.

I am a newer, very flexible roleplayer in Final Fantasy FFXIV Online. I have been roleplaying in Dungeons & Dragons with many characters for many years.

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